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Resident Parking Permit Renewal

If you change your license plates you must provide a valid Massachusetts vehicle registration showing your car registered and principally garaged in your name from your current Boston address.

If you move within your neighborhood you must provide proof from your new Boston address such as one of the following proofs bearing your name and Boston address. The proof of residency must be current - postmarked within the past 30 days.

  • A current signed apartment lease within the last 30 days or a current notarized rental agreement within the last 30 days
  • Gas, Electric or Telephone Bill
  • Cable Television Bill
  • Monthly Bank Statement (excluding mortgage)
  • Credit Card Bill
  • Water & Sewer Bill

Please have your valid Massachusetts vehicle registration handy to complete this form.

Please type in the information requested below:

NOTE: Numbers only (Example: 123456).

Your Vehicle

As shown on Registration
(Please choose Vehicle Make from the drop down list by pressing the down arrow next to the box)

Your Name & Address

Contact Information

I understand that my vehicle must remain registered and principally garaged at my current address, which is subject to verification by the Boston Transportation Department.

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