Online Ticket Dispute

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This website allows you to contest one citation at a time.

Please be sure to upload any documentation that you might have to support your claim. An adjudicator can only rule on what you present. As part of the review process, you will be allowed to upload 5 documents to help us in our decision-making process.

To be eligible to submit an online ticket contest, the ticket must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must not be on registration hold.
  2. Must not be on suspend.
  3. Must not be assigned to secondary collections.

If your dispute does not meet all of the above conditions, please call 844-565-1295 or visit us in person at 2700 Impound Lot Rd., Columbus, OH 43207. See for office hours.

Do not use your browser's back arrow to navigate or you will need to start over.

Please wait 24-48 hours after receiving a citation before attempting to submit a contest statement.