Department of Motor Vehicles

To Schedule a Virtual Hearing for a Photo Violation 

  1. You must upload the vehicle registration as part of the scheduled hearing process. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle you must upload the DMV power of attorney form or rental agreement.
  2. You must upload any evidence you want the hearing examiner to consider up to 24 hours before the hearing. Evidence cannot be submitted during the hearing. Instructions for uploading additional evidence can be found under the virtual hearing link [Virtual Hearings | dmv (]
  3. Your request for a virtual hearing is considered an answer. You must admit with an explanation or deny the violation. Admit with explanation means you are agreeing that you committed the violation and you are asking for a reduction in the fine and/or penalty. Deny means you believe you did not commit the violation.
  4. If you do not appear for your virtual hearing the hearing examiner will enter a decision based on the government's evidence and any evidence you submitted.
  5. Enter the ticket number or state and plate number in the boxes below.
  6. Click the submit button to continue scheduling your hearing.
  7. Print the confirmation page and retain it for your records.
Citation Number

State Plate

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