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Online Malfunctioning Parking Meter  

Parking Meter
  • To report a malfunctioning parking meter, you must provide both meter location and meter number.
  • The meter number and location are painted on the meter.
  • Please refer to the diagram above.

Meter Number*
Meter Location Code*
*Please select one of the following options to assist us in determining the problem:
Coin Slot
Card Reader
Card Stuck
Blank or Unreadable Screen
E-mail address
If you entered an email address, you will receive a confirmation email.

*Required Fields

If you received a parking citation you believe was issued incorrectly and would like to contest it, you must call the Parking Violations Bureau listed below.

Department of Transportation Meter Hot Line
(877) 215-3958

Parking Violations Bureau
(866) 561-9742
(213) 623-7046 (TTY)

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