Frequently Asked Questions
If you are the recipient of a CVN and you want to dispute that violation, it is your responsibility to request by mail or by the web an appeal hearing for review of the violation and any fines or penalties. At the hearing, the violation recipient or an authorized representative has the burden of proof to present documentation or testimony to establish that the violation was issued in error or the penalties should not apply.

The Philadelphia Code contains the ordinances for all Code Violations. You may access The Philadelphia Code from the City'ís home web page at www.phila.gov.

You can dispute your Code Violation ticket in 3 ways:

  1. To request a hearing by mail, submit a written justification and supporting documents for review to:

    City of Philadelphia
    PO Box 56318
    Philadelphia, PA 19130 - 6318

  2. You can expect a determination within 30 days of submission.

  3. To request and schedule an in-person hearing or hearing via ZOOM, call the the Code Violations Unit at (215) 567-2605. Hearings are held at 100 S. Broad Street, 4th Floor [Chestnut St. entrance], Philadelphia, PA 19110. Please note, the OAR does not reimburse parking or transportation costs.

  4. To request a hearing by online submission, please follow the directions below:
Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

By acceptance below, and by submission of written testimony and evidence, you hereby request an administrative review without your being present at the hearing for certain Code Violation Notice(s) issued to you by the City of Philadelphia.

This review will be performed by a Hearing Master of the Office of Administrative Review. The hearing will be informal and rules regarding the admissibility of evidence shall not be strictly applied. The Hearing Master will make a decision using the written evidence and testimony provided, including the Code Violation Notice issued by the City of Philadelphia.

By acceptance below, you acknowledge that:
  1. The original or any true copy of the Code Violation Notice (CVN) containing all material information required by The Philadelphia Code is considered prima facie evidence that the violation occurred.
  2. The burden of proof is on you to establish that the CVN(s) being contested was issued in error or has a material defect, or that any late penalties should be removed because of special circumstances. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to, records, documents, photographs, written testimony from you or other witnesses, or any combination thereof.
  3. In most circumstances, the property owner is the responsible party for the CVN. If this is a property based CVN and you are not the property owner, you must state your relationship to the property owner and how you have authorization to be the representative.
  4. You may contest either the violation itself or any late penalties. Please note that the fines are set by City Council ordinances and the Hearing Master cannot reduce the amount of the fine if you are found to be liable for the violation.
  5. If you are found liable after this review, you must pay any balance due within 30 days of being notified. Failure to pay within 30 days may result in the reinstatement of any reductions that occur as a result of the hearing and additional late penalties may occur. Also, the City may exercise its right to file a Code Enforcement Complaint in Municipal Court and seek a judgment and a higher fine amount.
By clicking on "Accept" below, I acknowledge that I have read the above and understand my rights and responsibilities and I swear or affirm that the evidence and testimony submitted herewith is true.