Day Beach Permit Application

Welcome to the City of Santa Monica Day Beach Permit Application!

Before you start, here are some important rules to know

  • Permit requirements at the time of application AND renewal - read before proceeding:
    1. Valid California driver's license or ID card
    2. Valid California vehicle registration reflecting the eligible applicant's name - no temporary registrations or documentation
    3. No outstanding parking citations in the City of Santa Monica on the license plate
  • Maximum of one (1) beach parking permit allowed per eligible applicant
  • Other Regulations
    1. Permits can be issued only to personal-registered vehicles and are not valid on RVs, commercial vehicles, or vehicles that take up more than one standard parking stall
    2. Permit is only valid for the license plate number listed below and is not transferrable to any other car or person
    3. NO REFUNDS for lost, confiscated, unwanted, unused, or partial-period-used permits

Now let's get started!