Preferential Parking Permit Application

Welcome to the City of Santa Monica Preferential Parking Permit Application!

Before you start, here are some important rules to know:

  • Only one account per eligible address is allowed regardless of how many individuals are residing at the same address. Please designate a primary account contact before you begin.
  • Proof of residency is required for each individual who wishes to have a permit in his or her own name. Proof of residency can be established with a utility bill, bank statement or credit card bill from the last 30 days only.
  • Only two Visitor permits per eligible address are allowed. Visitor permits provide the same parking rights as Resident permits.
  • For Resident permits you must provide proof of residency as indicated above as well as the vehicle registration. The address of the registration must coincide with the residence address of applicant (SMMC Section 3.08.070).
  • Please have all your documents ready for upload including for renewal. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

For a complete set of rules and guidelines, please visit Preferential Parking Permits webpage.

Now let's get started!