We are accepting appeals for tickets. We are accepting appeals through this portal for tickets 21 or less days old. If your ticket is over 21 days the APPEAL PROCEDURE. Log onto please attach this notice and all pertinent documentation to support your claim to

Thank you for taking advantage of the City's online parking violation dispute form.
As part of the appeal process, you will be allowed to upload up to 3 documents to help us in our decision making process.
In addition to that, if there are images associated with your violation you will be allowed to view them in order to help you decide if you want to continue with your appeal.
Should you decide to pay your violation online, you will be provided a link directly to the City's Pay By Web Site.

Please enter the violation number, plate state and Registration (no spaces, no dashes) exactly as it appears on your violation.

Note: This website will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity on
any page and you will be required to start from the beginning.

Violation Number:
Plate State and Registration Number:
State Plate

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You cannot submit more than one dispute per violation.
While in the process of disputing your violation, there will be no additional penalties added to the violation.