Parking Fine Reduction Program

On November 1, 2019, parking fine reduction on "Expired Meter" and "No Parking" violations became active. To be eligible for the parking fine reduction program, registered owners must adhere to the following:

  • Vehicle license plate(s) must be registered in the City of Detroit.
  • Registered owners must not have more than one (1) unpaid ticket on their parking record, including the currently issued ticket. (This includes all outstanding City of Detroit parking tickets owed on multiple vehicles registered to the same owner).
  • Parking ticket(s) must be paid within five (5) calendar days of issuance.
  • Please allow for 60 minutes for your registration to be processed. Tickets received during this window may not reflect the discounted rate but will be updated within 48 business hours.

To register for the Detroit Discount program, enter your Detroit registered license plate below.

The registered owner acknowledges and agrees that upon entering the license plate(s) in the attached electronic form, attests and certifies that the information and the license plate(s) provided therein is true and complete to the best of his or her knowledge. The registered owner of the license plate(s) further acknowledges and agrees that to the extent the information provided herein is untrue, or if the registered owner of the license plate(s) provides this information for any other purpose than the purposes stated herein, or if the license plate(s) are not registered in the City of Detroit, then the City of Detroit may avail itself of any and all legal remedies including the removal of any license plate(s) that are not registered in the City of Detroit from the Detroit Parking Fine Reduction Program and the reversal of any/all fine reductions that were applied as a result and the return of any parking tickets issued to the normal penalty and noticing cycle.

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