Fleet and Rental Agency Program

Do you find that keeping track of all the tickets that are issued and fees assessed with an increasing number of vehicles and drivers is increasingly difficult?

Managers are charged with the cumbersome task of maintaining accurate files on which drivers accrue certain fines, how much needs to be paid and by when payments are due.

The Parking Violations Bureau provides a special program for companies operating fleets of ten or more vehicles and rental agencies. Such companies may find it difficult to track and pay tickets issued to their vehicles on an individual and/or ticket-by-ticket basis. The Fleet Program assists these companies by streamlining the ticket payment process. The program is free of charge to the participant.

The Parking Violations Bureau Fleet Program provides fleet and rental companies with the option of paying their parking ticket fines on a monthly basis in one lump sum rather that ticket-by-ticket. Instead of receiving individual notices, Fleet Program participants will receive a monthly invoice, itemizing each ticket received by a vehicle within their fleet. The company may then make one bulk payment, which will be distributed among the invoiced tickets.

Rental Companies

A rental company is responsible for any parking fines incurred by a rental vehicle, unless it can provide the Parking Violations Bureau with the name and address of the renter who is in possession of the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued. Rental companies who participate in the Fleet Program will be provided with an itemized invoice of all tickets received by their rental vehicles. However, in lieu of payment, the rental company may provide the Parking Violations Bureau with renter information. If renter information is provided within 30 days of the invoice receipt, State law allows responsibility for the ticket to be transferred to the renter. Otherwise, by law the rental company will be responsible for payment of the fine.

In order to facilitate the process of providing renter names and address, rental companies can opt to receive a monthly invoice in either a hard copy format, or e-mail, so that the violation information can be compared directly to the company database.

Program Benefits

  • Consolidated monthly invoices - You will receive an easy-to-read "Open Ticket" report.
  • Deferral of penalty assessment - You will be exempt from the normal time cycle for processing and enforcement.
  • Ability to mail a single check - You will avoid the need to send individual checks for each parking infraction.
  • Elimination of redundant notices - You will have less mail.
  • Efficient tracking of parking violations - You will save time calculating money due.
  • Automated data exchange - You will receive accurate and current information via tape or EDI for more expeditious processing.

Joining the Fleet Management Program

Enrollment in the program is Free, will Save Time, and in the long run Save Money for your organization!

There is no cost associated with joining the Fleet Program. Interested participants will be expected to provide the Parking Violations Bureau with billing information, as well as a list of the license plates of all participating vehicles. If your company is interested in participating in the Fleet Program, please contact the City of Cleveland Fleet Manager:

Fleet Manager
Parking Violations Bureau